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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Knows What the Night Can Do

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday Bulldog Fans! Our Georgia Bulldogs finally return home after 40 days in the wilderness, and we welcome them back with a nationally broadcast game on ESPN. Against our oldest rival, the Auburn.... somethings. Maybe War Somethings. Possibly with stripes. Or striped feathers. Or something.

And while we are a considerable favorite, especially playing Between The Hedges, “they” are a ranked team coming off a incredibly lucky convincing win against Jimbo Fisher’s Work In Progress. And rumours swirl concerning jersey colors. Because this is not just any Saturday in Athens, it is a night game. And we all know what the night can bring:

(Sorry for the lack of an actual video. I know there is one, but I couldn’t find it. And I like Steve Winwood, with or without the Spencer Davis Group or Traffic.)

Now onto news of the Bulldog variety:

Some may question if the SEC Championship Game in 2017 was enough payback for the loss suffered a few weeks earlier at Auburn. The players are sticking to the script, but they also know it was their only regular season loss. “We have to be where our feet are. “

But that doesn’t mean the media can’t look ahead. And by media, I mean DGD and up-and-coming football analyst DJ Shockley. He lays out a few keys to beating a certain team from Alabama, not located in the suburbs of Opelika.

With all the injuries to Georgia’s offensive line, one position and one player has proved to be the most consistent, the redshirt freshman Isaiah Wilson.

One of the resulting successes of the aforementioned big ugly, is Jake Fromm. While there may be questions across the fanbase about how good he actually is, why don’t we let the national media decide it with their rankings and post-season awards? Hhmmmm... they kinda did.

RTDB seems to work well. Except when it doesn’t. And several Bulldog players are well aware of what they’re up against Saturday and look forward to the challenge.

If you like Tears of a Clown, and not the Smokey Robinson version, click on the Senator’s quick look at certain Auburn stats versus the Georgia Bulldogs.

And lest we forget, IT’S FINALLY BASKETBALL SEASON!!! Except really it isn’t, other than maybe in most of the ACC, and in Kentucky (at least between Sunday and Tuesday, where they unabashedly flipped back to football). I for one am looking forward to a fast-paced offense, though I wish we had JJ Frazier and Yante Maten to take advantage of it.

That’s it for now ‘Dawg Fans. We’ll be back later with all your favorites leading up to Game Day. I mean Game Night. And you know what the night can do. And because, as always...