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Monday With Kirby: Everybody’s Hurt...Sometimes.

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Kirby Smart held his usual Monday media session this afternoon and topic #1 was the injury report. It’s like this: we’re nine games into an SEC football season, which means if you aren’t hurt you aren’t doing much. No one is 100%, but Ben Cleveland is closer to that mark than he was, and Lamont Gaillard, Cade Mays, and Mecole Hardman are close enough to it to play against Georgia’s oldest rival.

Kirby also talks a little about what makes Jeremiah Holloman and Elijah Holyfield so special, what playing against Auburn means, and gives a sneak peak at what Georgia’s recruiting pitch to tailbacks is (it’s pretty good, and the keys to it rhyme with “God Turley”, “Chick Nub” and “Money Sichel”). As always you can take in the full Q&A below.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!