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Kirby Smart Press Conference: Georgia remains “a work in progress.”

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Kirby Smart met the media following Georgia’s 34-17 win over Kentucky, and the top ‘Dawg was feeing pretty honest. Smart spoke frankly on a few subjects, including:

• What Mark Stoops has built in Lexington. The ‘Cats really do have an excellent football team, likely their best since the Rich Brooks era, and Stoops May be able to keep them competitive. He deserves an attaboy.

• The Bulldog offense making things “extremely difficult” at times. Look, there’s zero doubt that the UGA offense is struggling in a way it shouldn’t in the red zone. Some of that is offensive line injuries. Some of it is playcalling.

It’s up to Jim Chaney to straighten the whole thing out. I would caution that those complaining about Chaney now sound a lot like those complaining about Mike Bobo circa 2014, and those folks found out soon thereafter how much worse it could have been. You don’t want to let the perfect become the enemy of the good. But you definitely want to get things on track on the goal line before, as Kirby put it, “it comes back to bite you.”

• Some really interesting nuggets regarding Trey Hill, who went most of the way at center after practicing this week on the defensive side of the ball.

• How Kentucky QB Terry Wilson’s athleticism influenced the Bulldogs’ personnel decisions this week.

• So, so much more. Give the whole thing a listen below. Go ‘Dawgs!!!