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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Can’t Wait

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, Bulldog Fans! The regular season is over, but our Bulldogs continue to play meaningful football. And in reality, the MOST meaningful football. Because I’m talking about your SEC East Champion Bulldogs zipping down Highway 78 to the ATL. That’s right, we’re in the SEC Championship!

Though we clinched the East and punched our ticket earlier this month (sorry/not sorry Kentucky), we still had to go through 2 of our oldest rivals to emerge unscathed. And emerge we did, and now we’re here. Except it’s still two days away. And like many of you, the game cannot get here fast enough. And like these folks below, I can’t wait:

Now onto news and notes of the Bulldog world:

Does Georgia really have a win or bust scenario for the College Football Playoffs? Brandon Sudge of The Macon Telegraph doesn’t necessarily think so.

The challenge of defending against Alabama’s offense is nothing new. With injuries abounding on both sides of the ball, The Macon Telegraph checks in with who will take the field and what they need to do.

One Georgia defenseman is pretty vocal about why they’re here, what they have to do, and what their chances are.

The Alabama quarterback seems confident they also know what is needed for success.

Kirby lands another grad transfer!!! No word on his dominant hand.

There’s a new tradition in the Fromm household before the SEC Championship. As far as we know, fishing hooks were not an issue. A good look at our starting quarterback.

A couple of fairly well-known players missed the Championship game last January. But both are back, both are contributing, and both look to make an impact in this years SEC Championship.

Everyone knows about the Alabama offense. I mean, it’s Tua behind some really big and really good linemen, then handing off to some really good running backs or throwing it to some really good receivers. But did you wonder who plays defense for the Tide? The Red and Black provides the names you need to know.

The Red and Black takes an... abbreviated look at the history of Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

Paul Johnson, head coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, retired. I did not include a link to this news. Because at Georgia Tech, you can do that.

Are you ready for the SEC Championship game? Personally, I can’t wait. But wait we must, and as always...