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Chapel Bell Curve: You Get A Whoopin’! You Get A Whoopin’! And You Get A Whoopin’!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Justin and Nathan return to take one final look back at the Georgia Tech game. Not to spoil things, but they found it just as enjoyable as you did. Only they can actually quantify it with actual numbers. You’ll learn...

• Why this qualifies as, and this is a technical term, “a front to back ass whoopin.”

• Plenty of laughing at TaQuon Marshall flexing without the proper tools for the job.

• Why you need to show a little more appreciation for the epic two year ride we’ve been on, you ingrates. Well, not you specifically, but all of us.

• Why mathematically speaking Austin Peay and UMass May have actually been a stouter challenge than Tech, and isn’t that just pretty hilarious.

• A sprinkling of a preview of what Georgia must do to beat Alabama, with much more to come later this week.

As always, if you enjoy this episode please recommend Chapel Bell Curve to your fellow Bulldog fans and podcast listeners. And if you have friends or relatives who are Tech fans, send them the link to this episode. They’ll thank you for it. Until later...

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!