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Afternoon Open Thread: Perhaps “Rivalry” Is Too Strong A Word?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was fun. Before we turn our focus to the Alabama Crimson Tide, let’s take this opportunity to enjoy the blood feuds of others, some of which have actual playoff implications.

The Michigan Wolverines are currently blowing their shot at the playoff on ABC against Ohio State, whose fans will have no idea why they’re not in the playoff discussion if they win this one. Auburn visits Alabama on CBS, and while I’m not rooting for the Plainsmen per se, I am rooting for them to tenderize the Tide a little before next Saturday.

And if you’re tired of turkey but want a helping of schafenfreude, Vandy is looking to win its third game in a row against Tennessee for the first time since 1926. That would be hilarious.

So kick back and enjoy. We’ll have plenty to worry about shortly.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!