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Third Quarter Open Thread: Viva El Genius!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Bulldog offense had the ball five times to start the game and scored five touchdowns. The defense has given up 66 yards of total offense. And that is how you find yourself staked to a 38-7 halftime lead.

It’s working. Doesn’t really matter what “it” is. Other than covering kickoffs, if Kirby Smart and the guys have tried it so far they’ve probably found success. Jake Fromm has completed 80% of his passes and is averaging 11.4 yards per attempt. Elijah Holyfield (7 rushes for 67 yards) is averaging 9.6 yards per attempt. D’Andre Walker has 284 solo tackles. Okay, I’m making that last one up, but it’s only halftime so stay tuned.

Let’s finish this one out, avoid the kneecap ninjas in urine yellow, and go get ready for the Tide.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!