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Chapel Bell Curve: We thought Engineers liked efficiency?

Massachusetts v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Nathan and Justin took some time out of their Thanksgiving to talk turkey about today’s edition of Clean Old-fashioned Hate. This episode is stuffed full of equal parts vitriol and pity, as befits an extended discussion of Georgia Tech football. Topics include:

• A reminder that Bobby Dodd took his ball and went home from the SEC, which remains one of the worst long term decisions ever made by someone paid to serve as a major college athletic director.

• Why the 2018 college football team may go down in history as the only time anyone ever really got lucky on North Avenue.

• Continued bafflement at the fact that Tech beat both Virginia and Virginia Tech. Really, there is no mathematical explanation for this fact.

• A rundown of the Jackets’ key playmakers which, let’s be honest, is the first and last time you’ll hear the words “Jackets” and “playmakers” in the same sentence until this time next year.

• The traditional Over/Under and score predictions.

• Ask CBC, including the one thing that would most assuredly infuriate Georgia Tech fans beyond all reason.

Unlike your weird cousin who went to N.A.T.S., you should pay attention to it.

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!