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Three keys to beating Tech

Tech’s looking for an upset. Here is what has to happen to prevent that

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Can Georgia lose to Tech on Saturday? Sure. Are the odds of that strong? No.

It’s worth noting that each time the Jackets took the win in the Classic City, it came against Georgia teams on the back end of let-down seasons, groups with little to play for.

That alone is why there’s a reason to feel better than usual about COFH, the 2018 version.

Here’s three keys for Georgia to win against Tech in Athens for the first time in the Kirby Smart era.

Beat them at their own game

Unless you have been camped out under a rock, there knowledge is pretty common that Tech runs the ball. A lot. The calling card of the triple option is eating up six to eight minutes per drive. The best way for Georgia to counter that? A heavy dose of Holyfield, Swift and Herrien to take up time, yards and demoralize Tech defensively.

Protect the ball

There’s common thread in Tech’s wins in Athens. Turnovers. From the goal line fumbles in 2014, Eason’s critical pick two years ago and even going back to the pick-six in 2008, they underscore one big facet - turnovers play right into the goal of Tech;s offense to take time off the clock and keeping the opposition on the sidelines. Georgia needs to minimize turnovers, simply put.

Win the middle on defense

In last year’s meeting, Georgia dominated the interior of the defensive line, leaving Roquan Smith to roam free and terrorize Tech’s offense. If Georgia can clog the middle again, it’ll push Tech’s offense to the outside, in the clear wheelhouse of Georgia’s defense chomping at the bit play hard-nosed, physical football and most critical - preventing short third and fourth downs to keep Tech ‘s offense on the sidelines

Go Dawgs!