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Happy Thanksgiving from Dawg Sports!

Immigrant Families Celebrate Thanksgiving In Connecticut Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

As you and yours sit down to enjoy food and fellowship on this special day, we hear at Dawg Sports would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best.

As usual, we have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful obviously for another ten win season for the Georgia Bulldogs, and to once again be in the playoff hunt on the last weekend of college football’s regular season. May we never take this for granted.

I’m glad that we didn’t just dismiss our top receiver from the team and that I’m not currently having to defend Mark Richt’s disciplinary practices.

I’m thankful I’m not one of these miserable, bitter sons of guns.

I’m glad I haven’t been moved to create a table tracking Gus Malzahn’s buyout so I’ll know when it’s safe to fire him.

I’m thankful that D’Andre Swift was willing to forego authentic Philly cheesesteaks long enough to attend the University of Georgia.

I’m thankful for Deandre Baker coming back for his senior season.

I’m thankful for Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and the rest of the NFL ‘Dawgs, and would like to remind them to buy their mamas something nice this Christmas.

I’m thankful for Scott’s Barbeque in Cochran and Old Clinton in Gray and Southern Soul in St. Simons.

I’m thankful for Otis Redding and Sturgill Simpson.

I’m thankful for the exquisite geometry of 9 technique tackles and levels passing concepts and read optioning off the nose tackle. The game of football gets more complex the more you watch it and after 30 years or more of playing and then watching it I’m thankful that I still learn something new about it weekly.

I’m thankful for the staff here at Dawg Sports, who are outstanding writers, fantastic Bulldog fans, and wonderful people. They each bring a unique voice and perspective to what we do here, and the place wouldn’t be the same without them.

And, for the twelfth year running, I’m thankful for you, the readers of this site. You’ve made this one of the longest running and liveliest college sports blogs on not only the SB Nation network, but the entire darn internet. I can never thank you enough for spending a little (or a lot of) time with us every day.

This will be the hang out spot for all your parade, football, and basketball viewing, not to mention general holiday reverie.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!