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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites is Thankful for COFH

Few things are more pleasant than following Thanksgiving & Black Friday with an opportunity to truly hate your neighbors

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia
Never Forget
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday Morning Y’all!!

It’s the last home game of the 2018 Season, It’s Rivalry Week brought to you by Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate!

These are your Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites:

Ahead of their last game Between the Hedges Dawgs 24/7 pays tribute to this year’s Bulldog Seniors.

Officially, the two schools have agreed property destruction will not be part of the rivalry any longer. However, Tech Wide Receiver Brad Stewart is looking forward to tearing the hedges at Sanford again. Their last trip to Athens hasn’t been forgotten by the current team and Terry Godwin remembers vividly.

The voters for the Lou Groza award did not include Rodrigo Blankenship in the list of finalist and the Twitterverse has some thoughts on the matter.

From Online Athens, the Offense is on track to beat school records and Monty Rice is unlikely to play this weekend.

Your SEC Freshman of the week is Justin Fields. The Red & Black also brings us the Monday Practice Notes. Spoiler Alert: D’Rob was spotted.

That’s all I’ve got for now, y’all mind your manners & play pretty.

Until next time Happy Thanksgiving to all and….