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Season 3 Volume 9 Kentucky

NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


While Georgia fans panicked and questioned, this team went to work to beat a top 10 team. The game certainly wasn’t perfect, but a 19 point win against a talented and hated team is very strong. I mentioned last week that this was a turning point in Kirby’s young career. If one thing is certain, it is that Kirby has consistently answered the bell and has this team on the doorstep of being elite year in and year out. Welcome back this week non-believers! Don’t worry, if you jumped off the train after the LSU loss the same way you did after Auburn last year, we will make room for you again. I just hope you carry something with you: It’s never as good as it seems and it’s never as bad as it seems. The SEC is full of battle tests and we have a leader proven to win and dominate the majority of those challenges.

Locking up the SEC East is the next test, to which I expect us to receive a resounding answer in Lexington this weekend.

Heat Check

Blazing Hot

Jordan Davis- Huge body and taking up a bunch of space in the middle. Young kid who actually gets penetration when he wants it. The future in the middle is very bright for Jordan Davis.

JJ Holloman- The apparent “go get it guy”. He’s a big kid with great hands and an excellent red zone presence. Great to finally have a replacement for Javon Wims.

Malik Herring- Herring is looking quick and athletic off the edge providing depth at a position where it’s needed.

NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Tae Crowder- The best of the 4 average ILBs. Crowder can get caught in the wash sometimes but he always seems to be around the ball at the right moments. He needs more playing time.

Solomon Kindley- He quietly reasserted himself after losing his guard spot late last year. He has been solid and underrated in both run and pass blocking.

Kendall Baker- How about Baker? Started every game for Georgia at guard last year, and hasn’t started a game this year. Replaces Andrew Thomas at tackle and does an excellent job against some NFL talent and heavy pass rush. Great kid, great teammate.

Ice Cold

Jay Hayes- Hayes was supposed to be a transfer Godsend at a position of need. He hasn’t been able to grab much playing time. We need his depth down the stretch but if the talent level is close to a freshman, we need to give younger players valuable reps.

Demetris Robertson- Maybe Drob needs a year to learn how to block but it’s disappointing he hasn’t seen the field much this year. I was expecting him to come in and immediately take the top off defenses. I think the playing time of transfers this year speaks more to our overall team talent development.

Kentucky Preview

I am totally surprised by Kentucky’s emergence this year. Their defense has been unbelievable. The highest point total an opposing offense has been able to put up is only 20 pts. That is a little worrisome, especially playing on the road. I won’t claim that Kentucky has been playing offensive juggernauts all season because I certainly do not think that’s the case. Our running game will be unlike anything they’ve tried to defend thus far. Josh Allen and the Kentucky pass rush has proven to be the strongest part of their team. While many may see this match-up as favoring Kentucky, I really like how Andrew Thomas and Wilson have been protecting Fromm from on the edges this year. They will be challenged but I see them standing up and excelling. Defensively, I think Georgia’s biggest challenge is obviously defending the run game. Let me say this, the biggest thing that will keep our team out of the playoff at the moment is inside linebacker play. It is bad. Very bad. All four players are a tad slow to the ball and make tackles 7-8 yards downfield. We get caught up with offensive lineman too often and fail to shed blocks efficiently. However, when big plays have been needed, inside linebackers have showed up in the form of a forced fumble or fumble recovery. Relying on big plays is dangerous. We need to improve with sideline to sideline pursuit and tackling, but I am not sure it is an adjustment that can be made mid-season. That said, our ILBs vs Benny Snell is very nerve racking. Eventually, I think Kentucky’s unbalanced attack proves unsuccessful against a defense who will play man defense and sell out to stop the run.

In the end, Georgia’s balance and depth allow them take over and win comfortably. Dawgs 30 Kentucky 17

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last week: 4-1

This Season: 24-16-1, 60% Win percentage

Overall: 84-72-3, 53% Win Percentage

Things are looking real hot in Bucky’s world. Betting professional, Bear from College gameday, has a 56% win percentage this year on his podcast. Amateur dunce Bucky has a 60% win percentage. Hm.