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Friday Morning Dawg Bites is Free

I’m floating in the blimp a lot.

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Welcome back to my nightmare musical journey through the 1990s. Make no mistake, it may be masquerading as a Friday morning news update, but we’re really all here for the sweet tunes (some of us against our will). This week was a bit difficult for me, as I have no particular feelings about the UMass Minutemen and I used the obvious Pixies reference much too early in the week. Then it hit me: The last few Saturdays have been fairly stressful, but this one should be relaxing and fun, a relief. I associate that feeling with one specific bit of strange 90s nostalgia. At some point in 1996, an agent or a record exec or some goober at the radio station had a peculiar thought: “You know what our key teenage demographic has been just clamoring for? A studio single from a Vermont jam-band!”

Now, I don’t think things worked out as that individual expected, because Phish never really broke out as a “heavy rotation on the radio” kind of band. But I heard it that day, and Trey Anastasio was right... I felt... FREE! Incidentally, this experience ultimately led to some very poor clothing and personal grooming choices several years later. I may have also followed Phish up the East Coast from Atlanta to Ontario (circa 2001). Luckily I remember very, very little of that period.

Here you go:

And now, your Friday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • To begin, The Red & Black brings us a fabulous profile of Mecole Hardman and his family’s football legacy.
  • It’s bowl projection season and 247 Sports has us covered. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of having to moderate threads with Oklahoma or West Virginia fans for a month.
  • The Red & Black staff makes it’s picks for this week’s big games. If UGA only scores 35 on UMass, I’ll eat my hat. This is a team that gave up 55 to Boston College, 63 to FIU, 58 to Ohio University and USF, and 59 to Liberty. If we can’t score at will on them, I’m not watching the SEC Championship game.
  • CBS Sports has theirs too, although things are a bit split against the spread. I’m taking the points unless the refs have a shortened 4th quarter again.
  • The Senator (via Seth Emerson) brings to light an intriguing stat that UMass brings into Sanford Stadium tomorrow.
  • I’ll take because Danny Kanell is an idiot and likes attention for $500, Alex.
  • I’ve seen a few folks around saying this weekend will be their first Georgia game in person. If that is the case, The Macon Telegraph has some tips (most of which I agree with).
  • On the hardwood, the Banner-Herald has a piece on why Derek Ogbeide could make waves in Tom Crean’s system.
  • Speaking of which, the roundball Dawgs take on Sam Houston State tonight at Stegeman. Television coverage on SEC Network at 7:00.

On to the Twitter portion of today’s Dawg Bites:

  • Ahahahaha! Auburn is just turrible!
  • Throwdown Thursday with the Georgia S&C staff gets wacky with the wet weather keeping them indoors and... I mean, just wow:
  • And finally, Georgia Football brings us a touching gameday trailer celebrating the Seniors:

That’s all for now folks. Until later...


(p.s. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *commencesguitarnoodling*)