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Season 3 Volume 11 UMass

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


Shorter article this week as I’m out of the country for Thanksgiving. It was so great to be back in Sanford for another dominating win against a big rival. Not that it didn’t always have an advantage, but Georgia has really turned up every aspect of the game Day experience in favor of recruiting. Big donor beloved music in sweet Caroline and livin on a prayer have been replaced by music relevant to the target audience: students and recruits. You may not like Hip Hop but I’m sure you like 150 prospect visitor lists and an alive in game atmosphere. Neil Diamond ain’t it. This was the first time I’ve seen the recruiting center inside the stadium lit up for a night game. That is an unbelievable facility to have within your home field venue. The all concrete room that used to be the Sanford stadium home locker room was absolutely horrendous for a division one program. The investment in the stadium reflects the investment in the program performing at an elite level for years to come. There will be tough games and brutal matchups (see three weeks from now) but the future has never been brighter for Georgia football.

The D’andre Swift Show

The worst news for Auburn in the past two years isn’t that they gave an overvalued coach $45 million. It’s that Georgia signed D’andre Swift out of Philadelphia. After a quite first matchup, Swift has been an absolute monster and game breaker against highly ranked Auburn defenses. Swift started the year slow but has been on an absolute tear in the past few games. If he wasn’t healthy then, he is now and it is evident. If he is unchallenged at the linebacker level, he has the elusiveness and speed to take it for 6 every snap. Slow inside linebackers are the worst possible matchup for Swift and a Georgia team with a myriad of offensive weapons.

Dawgs on the late season come up

Eric Stokes- Stokes was excellent in pass coverage late in the Auburn game. Whether he plays in spots or replaces Tyson Campbell, he has a high ceiling

Terry Godwin- after seeing reduced playing time, Godwin could not be defended. A man to man winner is an important late season piece

Tyler Simmons- Simmons has been an excellent blocker all year but is now getting some looks in the passing game. His presence will keep the defense off balance

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last week: 2-3

This Season: 28-22-1

Overall: 88-78-3