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Chapel Bell Curve: That Moe Bamba guy sure is popular

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia beat the stuffing out of Auburn, and Justin and Nathan are all too willing to talk about it. This episode includes among other miscellany....

• Thoughts on Georgia’s #deadzone offense. Is it really that bad? From a purely statistical standpoint, can we even say one way or the other?

• The utter freaking terror that is Georgia’s rushing offense broken down by the numbers.

• Marveling at Sam Pittman and Tray Scott just plugging blue chippers together like 300 pound Legos.

• Nerding out over nerding out.

• Because it’s never too early, how Georgia might, hypothetically, beat Alabama.

As always please listen, comment, and rate at the neighborhood podcastery. And....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!