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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Has Some Advice

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After your pagan celebrations of last night, come into the light and welcome the Solemnity of All Saints Day! AKA Thursday.

As we enter the back end of the week, we find ourselves ready to face the Kentucky Wildcats with goal #1 on the line. We Georgia faithful have seen a few banners over the years, whether it be SEC East representatives or taking the SEC itself, or even the whole shebang. It’s been a little less frequent for the Lexingtonians, so the newness is bringing out a whole new side to the basketball school.

We are nothing if not polite, courteous, and always willing to help out. Since we’ve been here before, I gladly offer up some tips, pointers, and advice to the Wildcat fans as they enter this new territory of football. Better yet, I’ll let Glenn say it for me... he always has a way with words:

After that little weekly sojourn back into the 1980’s, we turn our attention to current news and notes of your Georgia Bulldogs:

In the same vein as our musical prologue, the Senator also acknowledges that this is a bit of the unknown for the Kentucky football team.

Surprise, surprise. Kirby Smart is downplaying Georgia having an advantage with it’s big stage experience.

A pretty good interview with a UK beat writer leaves this nugget: “As for basketball, Kentucky opens next Tuesday with Duke. In ordinary times, that’s all anyone here would be talking about. These are not ordinary times.”

It’s now established that UK has a good defense. But are we at the point where Bulldog Head Coach Kirby Smart thinks it is better than the LSU defense that gave us fits last month?

Also on the weekly SEC Head Coach teleconference, Smart spoke of the running game, and even was kind enough to let center Lamont Gaillard get in front of the speakerphone.

The Red and Black took the players comments and made an actual article out of it. Context and supporting stats for the win.

Saturday Down South gives us 5 things to be worried about. It’s a solid idea, but maybe pare it down to 3. Just sayin’.

Want to know what the Big Blue sideline will look like Saturday afternoon? The Lexington Banner-Herald gives us the deets broken down by position. I know about 4 of those names, and come Saturday night, I hope to God I don’t know any more.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned as we’ll have more later and all your favorites leading up to Game Day. And as always...