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Late Evening Open Comment Thread

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Vanderbilt v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We successfully defended homecoming at the University of Georgia, defeating conference and division foe Vanderbilt. Was it pretty? Sure, only if played through a DVR.

And while the day may seem complete to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s over. Saturday is for football. Per usual, our own RedCrake did yeoman’s work crafting the best TV schedule in the biz. Utah plays at Stanford at 10:30 pm on ESPN, and Nevada hosts Fresno State on ESPNU. Fox Sports 1 will broadcast another Pac12 matchup, as the Cal Golden Bears tilt with the Fightin’ Sumlins of Arizona.

Notre Dame might still be playing at Lane Stadium over on ABC, and the Washington Huskies might be continuing to ruin Chip Kelly’s narrative on Fox. And if you still have your eyes intact, you can risk them by turning it over to ESPN2 for Auburn intercepting Nick Fitzgerald a couple more times. All of these games started right around Georgia’s kickoff, so all bets are off.

It’s Saturday night in October, and your Georgia Bulldogs are victorious. Feel free to check out all the comment threads, but we’ll keep this open for the various other football games -anything is fair game.

I know what our resident House Mother podunkdawg would say, and it ends with “y’all play pretty”, so let’s keep her happy and celebrate with each other for another glorious football Saturday. And as always...