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First Quarter Open Thread: Vandy has a Boat, We’ve got Torpedoes.

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Will Georgia start fast this evening? We’re about to find out.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia finally - mercifully- has their first night-time action of 2018 (remember, MTSU was moved up to a noon start because of “Florence”) after an unusually hot early October day in Athens. The Dawgs are a 26 point favorite (the line started at 27.5) and is 56-20-2 all-time versus the Commodores. They should be 57-19-2, but in 2016 Jim Chaney lost his mind and ran our smallest player on an ill-fated 4th and short and...well, you know the rest. There’s been a lot of locker-room talk about how that particular outcome has stuck in the craw of players who participated. If that motivates you as a player on this particular day, awesome. I don’t really buy into revenge stuff. Just play tough, focused football and it’ll all work out.

Kickoff set for 7:30 on the SEC Network. Here’s hoping we take care of business, no one - friend or foe - is injured and we cruise with as little drama as possible. Somehow, I still get the feeling we could win by 45 and there will be drama. Rich people problems.

There have been some bizarre stuff in the history of this series. From James Franklin’s antics as Georgia desperately held on in Nashville back in 2011, to a game that I’ll never forget as a young Dawg: The 1975 game that featured the “Shoestring Play**.”

**Unfortunately, we tried that same play later in the Cotton Bowl against Arkansas and it backfired.

Enjoy the game, everyone. Remember to keep it NSFW because the Housemother won’t be monitoring the hallways this evening. But remember, she’s got an NSA clearance, can bend a fork with her mind and knows people. And, she can bake like a demon.

Go Dawgs!


Who will be the player of the game? I’m going with Jake Fromm. I think he goes off tonight.