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Season 3 Volume 6: Vandy

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


I am exhausted after this week. Comparison is the thief of joy, and whether you are comparing this team to last year’s team or Alabama 2018, you are missing an undefeated season. We get it, there is stuff to fix. I am all for Munson-ing if we start the season 3-2. This isn’t going to be the same as last year. We probably won’t blow every single one of our rivals out of the water. As fun as that was, notching a W and moving on to the next week is just as fun if you are one of the four left at the end of the year. Look, Tennessee is not a good team, but they are also not as bad as they showed against Florida. They had six turnovers and quit against Florida. There was no possible way they could play any worse. Their talent is sparse but Ty Chandler, Nigel Warrior, Trey Smith and Marquez Callaway are good players. They still have SEC talent and you can never convince me that beating an SEC rival by 26 isn’t a sweet, sweet feeling. This tweet sums up this week pretty well.

It is never as good as it seems and it is never as bad as it seems. The reality of who this year’s Georgia team is lies somewhere in the middle of the preseason hype and your 4th quarter panic attack while up 12.

You want something positive to focus on? How about a dominant run drive that milked nearly 8 minutes off the clock and ended with a TD. Watching that drive was like watching art in motion. That is exactly who I want Georgia to be; a team that can step on your throat and stay there for almost 8 long minutes while running plays that the defense knows are coming. Brian Herrien must have heard me throwing shade at his short yardage run ability. He was a determined monster that could have churned out 3 yards on each play without any offensive lineman in the game. While I wish Georgia would look like a dominant machine for all four quarters, there is something to be said for a team that knows when to put an SEC opponent away. Stay calm dawg fans, we are 5-0 after all.


Although I see more good than bad, I am not going to tell you that there aren’t things that worry me. Georgia will need to get these things cleaned up before heading to Baton Rouge.

· Pass Protection- Isiah Wilson looked dawg tired. The southern heat is still getting to him and he got beat on Saturday due to fatigue. Kendall Baker was baddddd at right tackle. If he sees time it needs to be at guard and nowhere else.

· Big Plays- Georgia was very good at limiting big plays on defense last year. Tennessee managed two big plays due to miscommunication (Juwuan Taylor) and missed tackles/poor angles (D’andre Walker, Richard LeCounte).

· Swift’s Nagging Injury- Swift has been good but not as good as I expected. His quad injury looks to still be limiting him, especially in big play opportunities. Maybe he hasn’t gotten into space as easily or maybe his second gear is still missing.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We want more, we want more:

More of the good stuff please.

· Justin Fields in short yardage/redzone- This dude is dynamic in short yardage situations. He is a powerful runner that easily breaks arm tackles. Fields has been underutilized thus far in the redzone but if he can protect the ball, I am all for him being used more frequently in a Tim Tebow role. Ball security is the only possible thing that can hold him back from serving a more major role this year. Fields has Cam in him and we need to see much more of it.

· Run Defense- We struggled to keep contain on a few large runs but other than that, run defense was rock solid. It starts up front. The Dawgs defensive line is crucial to protecting both the interior and the edge and allowing inside linebackers to roam freely.

· Julian Rochester not playing nose- I have not been a fan of Julian Rochester playing nose. He has been pushed around in the middle. When he plays outside at end or tackle, he is able to use his athleticism to his advantage

· David Marshall- I thought that Marshall had Tyler Clark breakout potential preseason. I think he is really coming around and starting to make a ton of plays along the D line. His development will be a big part of Georgia’s success on defense.

· Cade Mays at Guard- Simply put, Mays is one of Georgia’s 6 best offensive linemen. In fact, he is probably top 4, which is really impressive as a true freshman. His natural position is tackle but with Ben Cleveland out for an extended period, Mays needs to be in at guard to solidify physical play.

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt Predictions

· Georgia holds Vanderbilt under 80 yards rushing

· The Dawgs get 2 interceptions

· D’andre Swift breaks a run longer than 30 yards

· Rodrigoat is perfect on FGs and touchbacks

· Riley Ridley and Mecole get a TD

· Dawgs win 47-13

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last week: 2-3

This season: 16-9-1, 64% winning percentage

Overall: 76-65-3, 54% winning percentage

When your worst week to date this year is 2-3, things aren’t too bad. Getting back to winning ways with an SEC edition this week. Throw what you know.