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Three Keys To A Dandy Win Over Vandy

Here’s to avoiding homecoming disasters of year’s past

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

To me, Saturday night’s dandy of a matchup against Vandy (see what I did there?) is not so much about the Commodores.

Not to diminish them in the very least, but given the less than inspiring wins of late by the Red Clay Hounds in Red and Black, peppered with what’s shaped up to be a more daunting than expected stretch a month ago, this team does not just need to play well for the sake of winning a game this week, but also to get into the right state of things heading down to the cajun land of corndogs next week.

Here’s three keys to a Georgia win against Vandy.

Just make plays

Look back to a week ago. A caught pass here or there, an executed block...and the game’s a blowout by halftime. This offense can make has the ability. This group just has not shown it the past few games at a high rate of doing so. The way that Georgia starts offensively will dictate the mood of the game, and the mentality going ahead to next week. It can be argued that the offensive start this week could be a turning point, good or bad, for the rest of the year.

Force The Pass

If Georgia’s front four has a big day on defense, it’ll mean that Vandy’s run game is neutralized, forcing the Commodores into what they would prefer to avoid - passing the ball a lot. Plus - while we are talking momentum - this team’s interior on defense could use a jolt of it, as well.

Cut down on penalties

There’s an ethos that the little stuff becomes big in football. That’s been true for Georgia lately. Think of the UT drive sparked by a bad unsportsmanlike penalty last week. It is one thing to have a penalty because you are playing aggressive. Mental mistakes? That’s anther issue, and one that has to be avoided. If they rear their ugly head, it’ll kill the night game atmosphere, slowing the pace of the game down and taking away an edge Georgia should have.

Go Dawgs!