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Friday Morning Dawg Bites Thinks Dreams Can Come True

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You know you gotta be strong...

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Georgia v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

As I was planning your continuing tour itinerary of terrible 90s music culled from the darkest recesses of my bourbon-addled brain, I thought about where our Georgia Bulldogs find themselves as they prepare to take on the Vanderbilt Commodores. Given some of the play in the past two weeks, a few concerns have cropped up (despite the dominance indicated by the final scores). Those who some might call pessimists and who probably call themselves realists believe the flaws that are now visible in Georgia’s armor will eventually come back to bite the Dawgs. While that premise is likely correct, my belief is that (particularly given the youth of our squad) every week the Dawgs escape major consequences for their on-field mistakes is a week closer to the team becoming the dominant force we believe they can be. I, for one, believe that Kirby and Co. are not going to let those weaknesses go unaddressed. It’s just a matter of making those improvements before the flaws get a chance to punish you. Given next weekend’s opponent, this is probably the last week for Georgia to do that. So it’s important to remember that all of Georgia’s goals are still ahead of them and are very attainable. It’s important to remember that dreams can come true. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the inimitable 90s R&B songstress, Gabrielle:

This also works on a couple of other levels:

1) The rambling incoherence of the lyrics in the chorus remind me of the handful of Vanderbilt fans that occasionally forget their place in the SEC East.

2) About halfway into the video, Gabrielle has a sequined eye patch... which sort of makes her a R&B pirate. I like to think of Cornelius Vanderbilt as a pirate (I mean, what else would you call a ship captain of a non-military vessel going by a military rank whilst impregnating his first cousin 13 times? And I defy you to look at Mr. Commodore and definitively state that he isn’t doing a little pillaging on the side.).

Anyway... on to your Friday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • Let’s get things started with what I think is one of the best game trailers we’ve had in quite a while:
  • Going back two years, to the inexplicable homecoming loss to Vanderbilt, The Red & Black has thoughts on the 2016 game from Kirby, Hot Rod, and Elijah Holyfield as we prepare for tomorrow’s homecoming contest.
  • The Red & Black also has a nice profile of Deandre Baker and his performance this season thus far.
  • Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald takes a look at Georgia’s Senior WR, Terry Godwin.
  • PFF loves the Bulldogs this season. With the way they are grading out on the offensive line, it’s easy to see why.
  • If (as you dream) you like to think about your future Dawgs, Bulldog Illustrated has an update on how Georgia’s 2019 commits are doing during their senior year of high school ball.
  • Speaking of which, Georgia has another de-commitment. I’ll leave it to those of you who follow recruiting more seriously than I to suss out exactly what this means (if anything).
  • In former Bulldog news, Sony Michel is going to do Sony Michel things:
  • As you know, each Friday I like to take a peek at what the Georgia S&C staff did for Throwdown Thursday. This week, they kick off Squatober and that... that looks like not a lot of fun:
  • Moving away from the pigskin... If you don’t have Friday night plans, head out to StegMania and see Tom Crean’s new charges, as well as the Lady Dawgs.

That’s all for now, folks. Until later...