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Cocktail Thursday: Vanderbilt Edition

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old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs continue to win football games but you just can't seem to relax, you could probably use a drink. I can help with that.

The Red and Black are 5-0 and ranked #2 in the nation. Yet Bulldog Nation remains in a semi-continuous swivet over an offense that looked halting at times in a win over Tennessee and a defense that has bent a little more than last year despite only rarely breaking.

“Just once” Billy Bulldog laments, “I want to see this team really turn loose on an opponent!”

This is your chance, Billy boy. Vanderbilt is 3-2, but the three wins are against MTSU (35-7), Nevada, and Tennessee State. The Commodores played #8 Notre Dame close in a 22-17 loss in South Bend, but also got demolished at home against South Carolina, 37-14.

Vandy is 12th in the league in scoring offense and 12th in total defense, giving up 366 yards a game. The ‘Dores are surrendering 126 yards per game on the ground, and I think that's where this UGA team may shine in this one. Georgia has some fine-tuning to do up front, but the pieces are there.

If the Classic City Canines do put it altogether up front, I expect the UGA tailbacks to be the main beneficiaries. Swift, Holyfield, and Herrien have all had their moments this season. But Holyfield in particular just looks ready to have one of those games where he takes over.

And what is the drink for the game in which Holyfield proves himself to be a legitimate breakout star?

The Real Deal. Start by muddling together two basil leaves and a quarter inch thick slice of lemon. You actually want some of the citrus oils from the peel in the mix, just for the fragrance. When you're done remove the lemon pulp, leave the juicey, zesty goodness. Continue by adding 2 oz. of good quality bourbon. I like a lower rye mash bourbon like Buffalo Trace. Finish with an ounce of simple syrup, add some ice, shake, and strain the contents into a cocktail glass. Enjoy. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!