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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Just Along For The Ride

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Austin Peay v Georgia
I don’t recognize this player. Any help?
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If you’re old like me, you’ve seen plenty of sea change while rooting for the University of Georgia. As a result, you just can’t help but worry a little bit each time the Bulldogs snap on their game day helmets. The funny thing is, as age continues its inevitable march, you find it doesn’t consume you the way it did in the passion of youthful times. You find happiness where once there was mostly dread. You, you fool, are now just joining the Joy Ride:

This was once nominated for Best Incorporation of a Meaningless Whistle, but lost out to the J. Geils Band. Now onto news of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

You know what I’m not crazy about? Nicknames for defensive units. Except for Junkyard Dawgs. Or Gritz Blitz. But hey... if it helps the boys in Red and Black, I’ll get behind it. And Coach Kirby Smart is now behind his boys who are on the back end of the defense.

The general consensus is that the UGA secondary was very talented, but very young and relatively inexperienced. They’ve played well so far, and turns out they only need a bit more confidence.

We all have our favorites on the defensive side of the ball. ESPN seems to have decided on D’Andre Walker. He’s definitely the tops in stats and seems to be the most consistent presence in the subjectively present pass rush.

The Bulldogs have never trailed this season, but that doesn’t mean the team is satisfied with how they start games.

Wheel routes? Yes please. However, if practice is only open for 7 minutes to the media, and that is what the team is practicing during the viewing period, surely that’s not really what’s on Jim Chaneys’ mind, is it?

I knew it. You knew it. Georgia opponents knew it. The Steel City knew it. The AFC knew it. Now everybody knows about Hines Ward. In case you didn’t know, of course.

How is the opposing fanbase viewing this weekend’s SEC tilt? Yikes.

On a barely related note: Tailgating is usually a fun occasion. Unless you pull for James Franklin’s teams.

That’s all the news for now. We’ll be back later with all the standards and your favorites leading up to Game Day. And as always...