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Dawg Bites to Avoid Scratching Your Anchor

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia has been able to get away with slow starts on offense as of a low. That luxury won’t be around much longer. -

Especially given QB battles at Bama and Clemson, Georgia’s two-QB split will be a hot topic. But the way Kirby Smart tells it, both Fields and Fromm want the best for the team - Macon Telegraph.

Sometimes the joke writes itself. Tuesday’s practice was forced indoors by a gas leak. - Banner-Herald

Have any doubt about ‘the incident involving a member of the Georgia baseball team’ dying out and going away? Don’t count on it, especially now that Kirby Smart has weighed in on it.

For the record in the mind of this poster, if the alleged incident happened, it’s behavior that has no place in any UGA program whatsoever and is an affront to anyone with a University of Georgia degree on the wall of their home or office or anyone else that proudly wears The G.

Richard LeCounte has lots of aggression. The Red & Black talks about how he is trying to keep it in check.

And while we are on the topic of the Commodores and anchors...take needed steps to ensure your anchor is not scratched.

Go Dawgs!