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Different Band, Same Tune For Mark Richt

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NCAA Football: North Carolina at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

That was fast. After a 10 win season in 2017 that made it look like everyone involved may have gotten the best of Georgia’s post-2015 coaching change, the natives in south Florida appear restless over their native son.

The reasons actually sound eerily familiar.

I find the notion of Mark Richt deferring to veteran players out of loyalty when younger players give him a better shot to win implausible, sirs.

Even for an alum the Miami job comes with some challenges. Sure south Florida is a world class recruiting hot bed. But you have to fight to keep Alabama, Georgia, Florida, FSU, Clemson, Ohio State, and Michigan out of it. There’s also a notoriously fickle fan base, tepid community support, and a challenging compliance environment.

But given the meh-someness of the ACC Coastal (currently led by your #23 Virginia Cavaliers), Hurricane fans are probably justified in believing this year looks like a missed opportunity. After a 5-1 start (including a 28-27 squeaker of a win over a terrible FSU squad) the Canes have dropped back to back divisional games to Virginia and Boston College. That’s....not what Miami fans expected with a veteran QB and some solid playmakers returning.

Miami won’t get rid of Richt after this season. Our friends at State of the U acknowledge that in the post. But the fact that many of the same questions Georgia fans asked about CMR in 2014 are being asked in 2018 gives one an odd sense of deja vu. Until later...

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!