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15 Thoughts Got No Time For Any Gator Excuses.

Iconic Americanisms: We The People, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum. Third and Grantham.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Prior to kickoff, Mrs. DtD said, “what’s with those ugly white Florida helmets?” Now, she’s not a regular follower of the American Foosball, but she is observant. “Why don’t they stick with their tradition?”

“Honey,” I said. “That’s probably some fake juice. They look like big white candlesticks and we’re gonna light ‘em up.”


1. Yesterday’s WLOCP was about as schizophrenic a game as I can remember - until the 4th quarter. By mid-way through the 2nd quarter, I was trying to face-time with a shrink to seek some interweb help, especially after another inexplicable jet-sweep to Mecole Hardman on 3rd and a foot that everyone in the stadium knew was coming. At the minimum, turn the ball north and south. With a bigger back. As the Dawgs pulled away in the 4th quarter, all that anger (who wasn’t mad for much of the first half despite the lead?) began to rapidly dissolve as Georgia’s talent gap began to really show.

Sorry, Florida. We are better than you. This was the year to trip us up and we just whipped you. Georgia’s nadir might have been 2 weeks ago. Keep Chopping.

2. I’m just going to leave this here:

Third and Fromm is what makes me tingle. All of his touchdown passes were on third down:

  • 1st Q, 6:07 - 3rd and 13 - Fromm TD to Jeremiah Holloman for 16 yards and a TD (Dawgs 10, Gators 0).
  • 3rd Q, 10:33 - 3rd and 2 - Fromm TD to Holloman for 12 yards and a TD (Dawgs 20, Gators 14).
  • 4th Q, 8:39 - 3rd and 9 - Fromm TD to Terry Godwin for 24 yards and a TD (Dawgs 29, Gators 17).
  • 4th Q, 4:39 - 3rd and 5 - D’Andre Swift for 33 yards up the middle and to the outside to ice the game. (Dawgs 36, Gators 17).

Swift looks to be back in 2017 form, don’t ‘cha think?

3. Our fan-base needed this victory, but there is still a good percentage of you that can’t enjoy this victory over our most hated rival. Yes, I get it: It has been a dismal 2 weeks since our debacle down in Red Stick, and with the recent de-commitment of a certain Louisiana running back suddenly our program is “coming apart at the seams”. I think the reports of Georgia Football’s demise is greatly exaggerated. Kirby knows what he’s doing, but he’s still learning. Do you think the LSU game prepped us for yesterday? Absolutely. We’re young and thin in spots. Last year we went through the entire season with only a few dings. This year, we’ve got veterans that are out on both lines of scrimmage.

4. Jake Fromm simply played one of his best games of his still brief Georgia career. He had poise and made great throws to some guys who are realy adept at their craft. J.J. Holloman is rapidly becoming an extremely effective red-zone weapon and is “high-pointing” the ball as well as anyone in America.

...You can’t throw a fade much better than that, indeed.

5. Good things happen when we run the ball. The first drive of the game was actually perfect in its simplicity and should have resulted in an opening touchdown, but Florida’s only sack of the game - forced us to settle for a Rodrigo Blankenship chip-shot. However, despite getting away from the run for much of the balance of the first half - we returned to what Georgia’s football DNA is all about: Running the damned ball. Do this successfully and your quarterback is able to complete 17/24 for 240 and 3 TD’s. We ground down Florida in the 4th quarter, too.

5A. Still, for 3 consecutive drives in the first half bookmarked by our first touchdown and last field goal before the break, we managed a total of 16 yards.

6. Our rushing stats were thus: 41 attempts, 189 yards. Swift led the way with 104 yards, Holyfield added 71 yards on 20 attemps. Our horribly executed, horribly imagined 8-play, -1 yard drive on Florida’s goal line subtracted from the bottom line, but the 3 points were a gift at Felipe Franks fumbled (his 2nd turnover of the day) by a very heady play by Tyrique McGhee who accounted for Franks’ first turnover with a pick (easy money, that was) in the first quarter.

Nice! At this point, Dan Mullen lost his shit.

6A. Good thing we won. We’d be hearing about Florida’s goal-line stand (yes, it was impressive) from here to eternity. Now, it’s just a footnote.

7. On that note, our short-yardage conversions are suck-worthy thus far in 2018. This needs attention. Have we been successful on a two-point conversion this season? Asking for a friend...

8. Isaac Nauta is a weapon. He’s been a weapon in the past. He’ll be a weapon at least for a few more games in his career. Weapons are most effective when they are utilized. Fromm’s third pass in this sequence was perfectly dropped as the cover ‘backer was turned around.

9. Should we have gone for 6 right before the half? With a few timeouts still in our pocket and 6-seconds on the clock, Kirby elected to take the 3. Florida basically ignored Nauta on 4 consecutive passes and were gifting us points here. Yet, there was no urgency prior to the first down play that gained 27 yards and set us up. We needed to burn a timeout prior to Florida’s punt, but inexplicably did not (as Gary Danielson so characteristically pointed out). Mark Richt had chronic clock-management issues during his tenure in Athens. Kirby and Jim Chaney did allow Jake Fromm to do his thing, and I don’t think his intent was to throw 4 consecutive passes to Isaac Nauta...but his improvisation worked. Throw to the open guy. We just needed more time and I would have liked to see us try at least one more fade to a taller receiver against Florida’s youthful corners.

10. Charlie Woerner played a great game, assisting our re-shuffled left side of the offensive line when Andrew Thomas went down with another apparent ankle injury early. He caught a nice ball for 35 yards, but his ability to chip and sometimes straight-up stone the Gators edge rusher was a beautiful thing to see. #89 is a very physical player.

11. Florida was running the ball very effectively in the first half. We were missing too many tackles, even when we seemed to have two hats ready to take on the ball carrier. I saw some more bad angles and in one instance, Natrez Patrick shot through the line and seemed to have a bead on the Florida back, who simply side-stepped him. I don’t think Patrick was “seeing” what he was about to tackle.

12. The second half, things changed. We began to tackle better and I thought Tae Crowder had his best half of football thus far in 2018. I hope the light goes on for this kid and stays on because he’s athletic enough to become a good ILB and that is still our weakest position. Jordan Davis continues to impress and this kid is going to be All-SEC before he leaves Athens. He’s been coming on every week.

13. Did Florida even test Deandre Baker? I didn’t think so. In his only pass of the game, Emory Jones threw a dime to Van Jefferson who was a half-step ahead of Tyson Campbell. Campbell got flagged for the pass interference, but it kept the Gators out of the end zone, and ultimately Florida settled for the 3 and their last points of the game. That may have been the best pass interference in the history of Georgia Football. Campbell is being picked on a ton. This will serve him very, very well down the road.

14. Take a bow, Jake Camarda. He executed a brilliant pooch-kick that was downed on the Florida 1-yard line which was immediately followed-up by Franks’ fumble. He also kicked a vital field-flipping 57-yard bomb early in the game. This is the kind of stuff that he can build upon.

15. Don’t you think that Dan Mullen has been seething for over a year now in regards to the Flea-Flicker we opened up with at home when Mississippi State came calling last September? Florida executed in nearly the identical way that Georgia did in Sanford Stadium: Fromm to Nick Chubb, back to Fromm then a perfect strike to Terry Godwin. Anyway, Mullen wanted this to be his “F.U.” moment, methinks. Felipe Franks ain’t no Jake Fromm. It was there, until it wasn’t. Then, they fumble and we score our first TD. That’s a pretty big 14 point swing right there, folks.

Going forward, Mullen is going to take some shots like this. Let history be your guide, Kirby. Take note now. Future Georgia-Florida games are going to be entertaining.


  • Again, Sam Pittman had to shuffle guys around out of necessity mid-game. Remember all that cross-training during summer practice? Sam Pittman is a steely-eyed missile man. Hurry back, Ben Cleveland.

They did a nice job protecting him,” he said. “How many sacks did we have today? One? That’s not the way to help young corners. - Dan Mullen, post-game.

  • Georgia has now won 5 of the last 8 in the series. #Trends.
  • So, about that un-timed down that enabled Kentucky to escape CoMo? Looked like offensive P.I. to me, but an out-of-position ref threw the flag and they’re the experts. SEC Refs: They really just suck more.
  • How do we match up against Kentucky? Another 3:30 P.M. CBS start in Lexington (actually glad this one is not at night). They’ve got a legitimate defense, and do not have Todd Grantham on their sideline. We’d better get ready.
  • Enjoy this win, everyone. There’s nothing better than beating Florida. Forget about who didn’t play, who did play and the state of the program. We’re 7-1 and winning with a young, flawed team that just might be getting better.
  • Revenge is a dish best served with cold Papa John’s pizza, eh Bobby Petrino?

That’s all I got.

As Always, GO DAWGS!