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Evening Open Thread: These Gator Nuggets Are Delightful

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Florida v Georgia Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There’s no more enjoyable, stress-free college football to be watched than that you view after a big Bulldog win over the Florida Gators. Luckily for you there’s plenty of pigskin to go around tonight.

Let’s start with what’s on now. In the SEC Texas A&M visits Mississippi State on ESPN while South Carolina travels to Rocky Top to take on the Volunteers on SEC Network. NC State visits Syracuse for a dangerous game in upstate New York on ESPN2. #15 Washington is visiting Cal in one of those games ranked PAC-12 teams are just destined to flub from time to time. Should be fun.

At 8:00 Notre Dame and Navy kick things off from glorious San Diego on CBS. Also Texas, somehow ranked #6 under Tom Herman, travels to struggling Oklahoma State (ABC).

So kick back, take it in, and thank your lucky stars you’re not a Gator fan. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!