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Third Quarter Open Thread: Beating our own worst enemy

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NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of this game and the Georgia offense, I thought I’d provide you with some totally unrelated, disjointed, and essentially random thoughts from the first half of this World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

I have no idea what Jim Chaney thinks he’s doing. He’s fallen back on the too cute for his own good third down play calling that dogged the Bulldog offense in 2016.

It almost looks like Chaney’s keeping Justin Fields off the field just to remind fans that he can.

I have no idea why we suddenly forgot how to tackle.

Jake Fromm’s 8 of 11 passing for 97 yards line looks good until you remember that 5 of the completions and 80 of the yards came on that drive just before halftime that culminated in a stirring.....Rodrigo Blankenship field goal.

Juwan Taylor is a wonderful young man and I’m sure his mother is very proud of him. If I see him in pass protection again I will likely have an aneurysm.

Tae Crowder on the other hand continues to look like a versatile defensive football player whose effort and instincts are improving.

Just throw it to JJ Holloman.

We’ve been saying it all week and it remains true: Feleipe Franks isn’t going to win this one on his own. Georgia would have to help him, and they’ve tried to on multiple occasions. We’re about 3 second half adjustments from putting this one away, but so are the Gators.

I can’t breathe. I hate this game.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!