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First Quarter Open Thread

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Florida v Georgia
More of this, please. This we like.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I hate Florida.

You hate Florida.

And the only thing I hate more than Florida: losing to Florida.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks in Bulldog Nation. Between the loss to LSU, the resulting questions about Justin Fields’ utilization, and a couple of high profile decommitments for the class of 2019, Georgia fans could use a win. And there’s no win sweeter than a win on the banks of the St. Johns River.

How do we get there? It doesn’t require any sort of grand design. Largely it will require doing the things Georgia did not do against LSU. Seizing momentum early, and taking advantage of wide open opportunities. Tackling well. Holding onto the football. This is not rocket science.

In terms of more concrete suggestions I think working the screen game to take advantage of Todd Grantham’s aggressive style could be a real winner. I also think defensively that Tyson Campbell has to play the game of his young career. Because if the Gators can mix in some big downfield passing with solid rushing from Jordan Scarlett and company the good guys could be in trouble in a hurry.

But if Georgia plays close to their potential they should win this one. Remember this is a Gator team that beat an LSU team playing its worst football of the season and which needed a comeback last week to slide by Vandy. It’s time to demonstrate to the Fightin’ Mullen’s where they stand in the SEC East pecking order.

Go ‘Dawgs!