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Season 3 Volume 8 Florida

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


I forgot how exhausting losing is. Georgia fans, I love you and I am one of you. But twitter was an absolute mess on Saturday. Yep, we lost to a top 15 team and looked like crap in doing so. However, the entire season is still in front of us including every goal we set out to accomplish when the season started. Nobody wants to see the same recycled tweet you sent out after the Auburn game last year. It was a bad game against a good team. If you are jumping off now, go ahead and stay off. Being upset is fine, but there can be no knee jerk flip flopping while building a consistently elite product. Not from coaches, not from players and not from fans. We all have a ways to go and something to learn. And the greatest level of learning typically doesn’t come from blowout wins.

That being said, this week is a turning point in Kirby’s young career. This is a top 10 game following an ass kicking, just after two five star recruits have decommitted. With everything Georgia set out to accomplish this season still ahead of them, Kirby needs to deliver a statement and cement this program as elite against a hated rival and rising force in the East. Make no mistake, this is a huge week.

My LSU Gameday Experience (if you don’t care about the author’s personal experience, Skip)

· (Week Before) Decided the week before I wasn’t going to make the trip

· (10pm Thu) Thursday night rolls around and I start getting major FOMO from New Orleans/Baton Rouge pictures and videos

· (8am Fri) Go to work Friday morning, realize I cannot miss this game

· (10am Fri) Text my wife and ask if she wants to make it happen. As a Dawg fan and a saint, she agrees

· (5pm-8pm Fri) Miss 2 flights to Baton Rouge on standby

· (630pm Fri) Buy 2 club tickets for $400 total (OUCH) from an LSU fan off without a confirmed flight (nervousness ensues)

· (9pm Fri) Make a standby flight to Lafayette, LA

· (10pm Fri) Take $74 lyft to BR and talk gambling strategy with a 60 year old Cajun woman. Stay at the Baton Rouge Marriott with points (not sure how they still had rooms available)

· (9am Sat) Meet but Tiger fans and Dawg fans for an awesome tailgate by the Belltower

· (930am-2pm Sat) Enjoy self thoroughly

· (2pm Sat) Make our way towards club seats, realize food, desert and cheap drinks are included

· (230pm Sat) Appreciate Tiger stadium and a STRONG Dawg fan showing in BR. Guy behind me said he had been to more than 200 games in Tiger Stadium and never seen that many opposing fans

· (230pm Sat-4pm Sat) Get ass kicked

· (430pm Sat) Ice cream guy asks if I want Small or Large. I respond “It’s 16-0. F*** me up man”. Guy laughs and says “Go Tigers” in Ed O voice

· (430pm-630pm Sat) Quick glimpse of hope followed by finalized ass whooping

· (830pm Sat) Get a beer and shrimp po-boy. Repair internal feelings

· (430am Sun) Head to BR airport to catch a standby flight home. Quickly realize we are not going to get on any flight

· (8am Sun) Begin 8 hour drive home in rented Nissan Frontier

How the Game Got Away

The LSU game was almost a carbon copy of the 2017 regular season Auburn game. A slow start evolved into a game where nothing could go right. Then came pressure and you could see individual players pressing to make a huge play, which in turn made things much worse. Here is a chronological sequence of the plays and coaching decisions that helped the game get away.

· Miss Mecole Bomb- Fromm overthrows Mecole down the sideline for an easy TD to start the game

· Picking on Tyson Campbell- LSU actually tried Deandre Baker a few times and were wildly unsuccessful. They quickly moved over to Tyson Campbell and had success early in the game on a few deep plays

· Fake FG- really, really odd call. You are probably more talented than LSU and on one of the first drives of the game you run a fake FG on 3rd and 9 down 3. Just smells of desperation. The talent on our team should never lend itself to in game desperation. Be better.

· Richard LeCounte Tackling- You guys feel that? Not some spooky October feeling. But Otis Reese sneaking up on Richard LeCounte’s playing time. LeCounte had a horrendous game in coverage and in the run game. The missed tackle at the line of scrimmage allowed another average LSU back to break a huge run to setup the first LSU TD

· Pass Happy- down 10-0, we come out looking to gain points back quickly and get away from who Georgia should be on every single Saturday

· Tyson Campbell blown coverage- #3 tries to make a huge play in the run game and bites hard on play action. Freshman mistake that ends in a 40 yard pass play and sets up another LSU field goal

· Kristian Fulton Pick- unbelievable play by Fulton that entirely deflated our team

· Inside Linebacker Play- The simple truth is we have 4 very average inside linebackers who continuously failed to fill gaps against LSU. We have solid form tacklers inside but the biggest issue at ILB is our speed

· Mecole Kick Return- your biggest play maker trying to get the game back in one play. Mecole returns a kick 5 yards deep in the endzone and promptly fumbles, ending all hope of a comeback

· Brenton Cox- another freshman adds insult to injury by trying to hunt down a RB on a zone read for a TFL. Unfortunately, Joe Burrow pulls the ball and is off to the races.

Damn, when you write them all down, there’s a lot that went wrong. I won’t take anything away from LSU because they kicked our ass. Not only were we significantly outplayed, but we were out coached, a situation I never saw coming. Coach O converted 4 fourth downs and had his guys ready to play a physical game. I don’t want to be the “yeah, but” guy by any means. However, if all the regular season work is done and we met LSU in Mercedes Benz (rather than Tiger Stadium), Dawgs win by 2 touchdowns. I pray this is the case, because lord knows I don’t want to deal with the alternative.

How to Beat Florida

Offense- I worked for Coach Grantham. His defensive tagline is fast, physical, aggressive and his team certainly plays that way. But just as there were weaknesses when he was the DC at Georgia, the Florida defense can be exploited

· 1st and 2nd down run effectiveness

· Bust huge runs when run defense over-commits on run blitz

· Protect edges on 3rd down

· Run plays that emphasize assignments (zone read, mesh routes, screens, heavy play action)

· Slow the game down, keep it close, physical run game. Maintain safe, efficient offensive drives and wait for Felipe to make a mistake

· Yards after contact

· Win the fourth quarter

Defense- Kirby Smart led defenses are giving up an average of 7.9ppg to Dan Mullen offenses. Here is how I think he approaches a repeat performance

· Sell out to stop effective Florida run game. Put Franks in 3rd and medium

· Play a bunch of defensive lineman, expecting four quarter game

· Jordan Scarlett cannot beat you, Feliepe Franks must

· TACKLE- defensive backs have been working live tackling in practice this week. They need it

· Win one on one battles in the secondary- Baker will have no problem, Campbell will be tested

Not expecting a game similar to last year. Georgia is still finding themselves and Florida now has very good coaching on both sides of the ball. Georgia talent and coaching wins out in a close four quarter battle. Dawgs 30 Florida 27

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last Week: 3-2

This Season: 20-15-1, 57% win percentage

Overall: 80-71-3, 53% Win Percentage