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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Tries Hard to Inform

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LSU v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, ‘Dawg Fans! Except this is Thursday of Hate Week, and Gators Eat Boogers. In case you didn’t know. Because here at Dawg Sports, we aim to help give you the information you need to get you through the painful times between Game Day. And this is a special week, reserved for burning the hate of a thousand suns et al (you know the rest).

But of this week’s offensive game plan, most have no idea. Will we abandon the run in favor of an off-timed passing game? Will we eschew our 1st and 2nd string quarterback in order to bring out a run-first signal caller who instead will throw the ball, surprising everyone? Will we ignore an All-American running back on the goal line? These are all things we want to know. And who better to answer those queries but a Canadian white man adopting a Jamaican accent while rapping, casting off his obvious deep Irish heritage:

A-licky boom boom down, indeed.

Now onto the news and notes that happened between your reading of this and your reading of Wednesday ‘Dawg Bites:

Bulldog Coach Kirby Smart told his linebackers that whoever wins the rushing yardage will win the game.

Speaking of the running game, the Bulldog players certainly seem to have the right attitude. Also, Coach Smart admits that sometimes the quota for carries isn’t available on every offensive possession. I’m just reading into this, but be wary, it will drive you crazy if you stew on it.

And continuing the rushing theme, Florida has a good one too. But some don’t want you to overlook Gator quarterback Felipe Franks. Is he elite? No. But he’s better than he was.

Is this a must-win game for the Georgia football team? No. But it really kinda is. So... yes.

A certain media conglomerate is now saying Georgia-Florida is a game of prominence. These people would not do well in Quitman.

I found a new injury report. New to me, at least.

Composure seems to back in the Bulldog football vocabulary. And harping on winning the line of scrimmage.

Things are pretty quiet over at our sister site Alligator Army. This one article... I’m not sure I’m crazy about the use of the acronym.

That’s all for now. As you may now, I’ll worry for all of us. But forever and as always...