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Dawg Bites Getting Through The Week With A Gusty Effort

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Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Peaking? If you put a heavy bag of salt in practice reports derived from a very low amount of media access, Georgia’s focus looks good going to Jacksonville - DawgNation

THe injury news...some good and not so good. Notably - the ‘Ben Cleveland being back soon’ mode has not changed.

Hopefully for the Dawgs, the Fake Juice curse strikes the Gators with their uniform combo.

No word on if Foreigner’s Mick Jones is addressing the team pregame.

The storyline that writes itself this week. The Banner-Herald talks about the Grantham vs. UGA reunion.

Say what you will about ‘Uncle Verne,” but he holds a rather soft spot for Athens.

The Macon Telegraph talks about the multi-pronged rushing challenge awaiting Georgia’s defense

Sometimes...the Falcons not drafting Georgia plays narrative is too easy...

Go Dawgs!