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Bye Week Thoughts Hates Yardwork

The mid-October bye-week break was no break at all.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida
It’s Georgia-Florida week. Go Dawgs!

I had a ton of long overdue yard the week before the Cocktail Party. I know Mrs. DtD is happy about finally pruning a very large ficus hedge, but I’m pretty convinced I may never walk again without the aid of drugs. Anyone got any?

  • What did you do that didn’t involve football watching? Please tell me I’m not the only fool who was up a ladder on uneven ground all weekend?
  • I did manage to watch most of the Auburn-Ole Miss game. By Gus’s body language before, during and after the game, I think he knows that his days on the Plains - despite a humongous buy-out - are probably numbered. Yeah, he may survive the rest of the 2018 campaign, but there’s too much inertia regarding the power-brokers to fend off much longer.
  • I also watch the first 5 minutes of Alabama/Tennessee. That’ll be the last time I watch either team the rest of the way, unless we meet the one from Tuscaloosa in about a month and a half. Is there anything more crass than the picture below? Ol’ Butch probably better never venture into Tennessee without an armed guard.

Butch didn’t get the Cohiba, though. Saban gave him a Swisher Sweet.

  • Purdue’s absolute thrashing of Ohio State is proof that there is a God and he loves us and wants us to be happy.

Making America happy, one missed tackle at a time.

  • It was an otherwise unremarkable slate of college football from what I can gather. Aside from Ohio State’s meltdown, everyone who was supposed to win pretty much did except for Oregon (as if you, dear reader, even cared).
  • Gameday is coming to Jacksonville. Great. Just flippin’ great.

Perhaps Maria Taylor will drop in and class the place up.

  • Just another quick thought on Purdue’s complete ass-kicking last night. The Buckeyes are as talented as anyone. Purdue, losers of 3 games this season including one to that juggernaut that is Eastern Michigan, just beat them DOWN. With far, far less talent. Purdue staff out-foxed and out-schemed Urban & Co. all night. Sounds familiar?...
  • ...Sigh. Yes. Yes it does. We have more talent than Florida. Are we going to be getting some guys back who have been dinged up? I believe Kirby has the attention of every coach and player, and am hoping he’s looked within himself, too. We will be ready. Time to make Florida pay because we ain’t gettin’ another Mulligan from here on out.

That’s all I’ve got. Get your Gator Hater Face on.

As Always, GO DAWGS!