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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Georgia
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Welcome to Tuesday Morning Y’all!! We’re nearly half way through the season and your Georgia Bulldogs are 5 -0 and hold one of the top 4 slots in 4 of the 5 Ranking systems (none of which are the one that matter of course.) Sure there’s still a half season of football to be played, and yes, we still have to face the likes of LSU, Florida, Auburn & Kentucky, but it’s Tuesday Morning and I’ll be in the Classic City on Saturday*.

These are your Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites:

Leading off, the always faithful Red & Black brings you the Monday Practice Notes. Tyler Simmons is back practicing with the team after suffering a shoulder injury against Missouri. They also have a few notes from Kirby’s Meet The Press Monday.

News from the UGA World of Golf, the Men have moved into the Top 10 at the Nike Invitational.

We have an International Basketball commit for the class of 2019, well sort of.

The University is looking into reports there may be a Baseball player who needs to spend some time at Housemother’s School for Wayward Athletes and Fans.

Y’all pray for Peach County and the Thomas Family.

That’s all I’ve got for now, y’all mind your manners & play pretty.

Until next time…..


*If you’re planning to be at the game, go to Row 1 of Section 134 and holler for Housemother and you’ll find me, or just email me from the masthead.