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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Knows Things Can Only Get Better

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Just because the Bulldogs aren’t playing doesn’t mean the Dawg Sports staff takes the week off. And unfortunately, I used my PTO during the NIT.

Georgia v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Times seem a bit dire across the Bulldog Nation. The fanbase isn’t exactly enamored with offensive play-calling, and even less with offensive personnel groupings and utilization. Some of this has spilled over to fanboy status of certain players while throwing other Bulldogs under the bus. C’mon - that’s not us. At least I hope it’s not. I’ll always be a fan of whoever gets a locker in the West End Zone and whoever gets a Power G on their university-issued helmet. Sure, Saturday looked like a bed spoiled by our own excrement. No one is expecting you to be happy about the result, but the future isn’t exactly dark. Matter of fact, the way many see it, things can only get better:

(Believe it or not, this was actually popular at one time. I lived in that time.)

Now on to news and notes from one of the longest weeks of the year:

At least some of our players know their role and have the team first mentality. Charlie Woerner is one of those and he talks about his learning curve at tight end and how they hope to improve in time for Jacksonville.

Woerner gets a little more press in this Macon Telegraph article. Keep reading and you’ll get some surprising comments from head coach Kirby Smart. Seems he actually wants to RTDB. Huh.

Continuing the Charlie theme, the Red and Black takes a quick look at blocking for both the running and the passing game. Spoiler: our boys aren’t happy either.

The Banner-Herald helps push the notion that “best players play”, but goes so far as to show who is getting more snaps both in games and practice, and who pushes whom. I was surprised that there was a backup punter on team that traveled to LSU. Not unhappy, just surprised.

SDS takes an in-depth look at Jake Fromm, his stats compared to 2017, situational stats, and does a decent job of analyzing the dynamics in other parts of the offense. And there is the inevitable discussion of when Georgia should let Justin Fields see more action or even take over the reins.

Sure enough, the ‘Dawgs found their way into the Spin Zone. If you want to read more about what you already know, or just like some high-class reveling in others’ defeats, check out this week’s Team Speed Kills.

We’ll be back later with more of your weekly favorites leading up to somebody else’s Game Day. And as always...