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3 Things That Worry Me About the Off Week

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Coming off a stunning loss, the fanbase in an uproar about playcalling, no one sure what to make of the Quarterback situation, and injuries piling up faster than a “Buyout Malzahn” crowd-sourcing page. What, me worry?

Georgia v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Here is what I’m NOT worried about during this, the week of which we are off, whereby not playing football, nor competing against another football team, thus it shall be incorrectly called Bye Week:

1) Quarterbacks holding the ball. Because either they hold it too long, or it becomes dislodged way before intent. For whatever reason, our timing is off once the ball is snapped, and this has been happening all season. But this is the one week they can drop it like a bad habit, or swaddle it like a bottle of Single-Barrell Blanton’s, all with no repercussions of any kind. Just get the bad stuff out of your system dudes, and get back in rhythm.

2) Fromm is who we thought he was. He’s a great guy, and has done wonderful things for the University of Georgia. He’s got just enough legs to keep a play alive every now and then, and pick up 5 yards when it’s needed. His arm is at least average, and he has the back-shoulder sideline and the out pass down pat (even if the back-shoulder is thrown a tad too much). But he doesn’t throw well on the run, he doesn’t see the middle of the field often, and his accuracy can sometimes inexplicably leave him.

I was firmly in the Eason camp. But I trusted Coach Smart and the staff to make the right decision. I’m not really sure which camp I’m in now, but I am not disappointed nor particularly surprised by Fromm’s performance – good or bad. And knowing neither my pocketbook nor keyboard is going to influence who takes the field and when, I’m trying to not worry about it.

3) Fake Field Goals and the Trickeration. Did we take a sure 3 points off the board? Yup. Was it risky being such long yardage to convert? Moreso than others. Did we execute it? Not hardly. Yet, if we never show it, they will never plan for it. Gotta keep everybody guessing, right? I’m totally good with this. Had the same call and same result happened in the late 3rd or anytime in the 4th quarter, I’m sure I would feel much differently.

Now forgive me, as I was weaned at the nipple of Larry Munson’s scratch on AM radio, so here’s what I am worried about during this downtime:

1) “Our goals are all still in front of us.” Kinda. But wouldn’t a season where UGA didn’t lose a game also be a goal? And one to strive for? I guess all this depends on your perspective. If you’re taking the goals one at a time, one may say that we have to a) beat our historic/hated rivals, then 2) win the SEC East, c) win the SEC Championship, Quatro) win a College Football Playoff game, then lastly) win the National Championship.

Yes we can do all those things. But I still say the goal is to win each game, taking them one game at a time. Like the number of days without a workplace accident, once you lose you have to start over.

2) Hands practice. The dropsies are contagious, and I fear we’ve caught a case of them. Where it was the occasional drop by Swift or Holyfield coming out of the backfield, it has now spread to our wide outs. Both Godwin and Hardman had drops, two crucial ones by Mecole alone (this is based on memory from Saturday, and a lot of whisky between now and then). I won’t mention the ill-fated attempted kickoff return.

It reminds me of Ole Miss in 2016. The RebBearSharks came out hot, but we had chances to answer. Yet sure touchdowns turned into punt situations thanks to key drops early in the game, and eventually morphed into a deficit too tall to overcome. That seemed to be the case again in Baton Rouge. Drives were killed, conversions were thwarted, and momentum left the visiting sideline in a hurry.

3) Miscommunication. I’ve seen the game broken down and analyzed on the interwebs 8 ways from Sunday, but I haven’t seen much on the responsibilities of the Bulldog wide receivers. Coach Kirby Smart even said in his post-game conference that there were multiple miscommunications on routes run by receivers. Thus players weren’t where they were thought to be, thus our quarterback was surprised, thus the ball didn’t come out in a forward passing motion, thus sacks or bad throws resulted.

Was this protecting the one person who would face the wrath of the fanbase, and diffusing it over a whole unit? I wonder. But there definitely was miscommunication, or poor execution between Jake Fromm and his receiving corps.

What worries you a week without a Georgia Football game? Leave them in the comments below, and as always…