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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

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Vanderbilt v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Congratulations! You’ve made it halfway through bye week 2018. The commemorative teeshirts are on back order. My bad. So in recognition of this accomplishment I’m pleased to instead present you with this fine set of curated links to start your day. You’ve earned it.

Coach Smart updated the injury picture Tuesday afternoon and frankly it’s about the same. We’ve talked a little bit in this space about the role injuries play in the course of a season, and they’re definitely an under-appreciated factor from the outside.

I think having David Marshall, Daquan Hawkins-Muckle, and Devonte Wyatt out of the DL rotation Saturday was a big factor late. Not a 20 point factor, but a big one. From Coach Smart’s remarks it sounds like we might not be a whole lot healthier up front in Jacksonville than we are now, which just ain’t helpful.

What is helpful is former five star linebacker recruit Robert Beal starting to gain confidence. Beal recorded his first career sack against LSU and it sounds as if he may be in line for more playing time.

Greg McElroy echoes what a lot of us have been thinking: Justin Fields needs to be involved in the offense, but he’s a long way from ready to be the Dawgs’ starting quarterback. I’m not saying he won’t be in position to beat out Jake Fromm next spring or fall. That’s a tall task, but it’s possible. What I am saying is that the old saying about the most popular guy on campus being the second string quarterback is just as true now as it was thirty years ago.

It’s never too early to start hating Florida.

Speaking of the Gators, a 10 point come-from-behind win over Vandy has the Gators thinking about the college football playoff. I don’t know about you, but optimistic and slightly overconfident is exactly how I like the Gator fanbase to be heading into Jacksonville.

Away from the gridiron, Georgia’s national championship track & field squad picked up a big commitment from a national record holding heptathlete. In fact the Track ‘Dawgs have been on quite a roll in recruiting and look to be building a pretty strong foundation for future success. And that’s a Bulldog point of pride.

Now get out there and take care of business, ‘Dawg fans!