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Dawg Bites To Power Through the Bye Week Blues

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s an upside to the bye week after a loss, it just means an extra week to build up that dislike of Florida.

Here’s a glance around..

Coach O may pay a lot for his defensive coordinator. If you ask, it’s worth every purple and gold cent.

Georgia’s collective fan base (depending on which part of it you are around) may be down on the Dawgs, but the national media isn’t...for now.

It’s easy to reach for the comparison to last year’s Auburn loss. The ABH takes a closer look.

The Diamond Dawgs cranked up the run machine to close out their exhibition season

Georgiadogs hits it out of the park with a video profile on how an ATV accident changed the life of Mohamed Massaquoi.

If you like seeing Georgia beat Tech in any sport, the Ice Dawgs look to keep up the trend on Saturday afternoon at the venue formerly known as the Gwinnett Arena.

And the Drive-By Truckers capture the essence of how many are feeling after LSU

Go Dawgs!