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MVDs: Most Valuable ‘Dawgs

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Even in defeat, certain members of Bulldog Nation distinguish themselves on the field of play. And when that happens we recognize them in our weekly back slappin’ feature, MVDs: Most Valuable ‘Dawgs. I had to dig pretty deep down the roster this week, but I think you’ll agree with the selections.

Offense: Bob from Marietta, who blew two grand on attending this game. There was very little positive here. At times in the first half Georgia ran the ball well. For a moment in the second the ‘Dawgs got it going through the air. But they were never able to consistently move the ball, convert third downs, or put points on the board. They just never could get moving.

But you know who did move? The 20,000+ Bulldog fans who came by plane, train, and automobile to Baton Rouge. Those folks showed up and showed out, and even though some of them are probably just getting back from the Pelican State. In the past spending on airfare, lodging, food and tickets to watch Kirby Smart’s squad against a tough opponent on the road has been a winning proposition. This time, not so much. But at least Bob enjoyed some great etouffe at that hole-in-the-wall place in the French Quarter. Great work, Bob.

Defense: Jonathan Ledbetter. There’s nothing good about giving up 275 yards on the ground. And while Joe Burrow didn’t throw a touchdown pass for the Bayou Bengals, he did hit a couple of long throws, which were made equally possible by his own accuracy and busts in the Bulldog secondary.

Cornerback Tyson Campbell led the team with 11 tackles. It’s usually a bad sign when a corner is making the tackles, and Saturday was no exception to that rule. That being said, Jonathan Ledbetter chipped in a career day with 10 stops of his own from his defensive end position, and was a bright spot on an otherwise outmanned and banged up UGA front seven.

Special teams: The person who protects Rodrigo Blankenship’s goggles. There was nothing special about this effort. Obviously there was Hot Rod’s wild run. And Mecole Hardman’s fumble. And Jake Camarda averaging a season-low 35.5 yards per punt. Honestly, I got nothing. As Coach Smart said in his postgame remarks, this was the first game this season in which Georgia lost the kicking game. And while it wasn’t alone enough to doom their chances in Baton Rouge, it sure didn’t help.

That being said, even after being stuffed for a fumble Hot Rod appeared to be able to see where he was going for the rest of the game. So I assume whoever is in charge of making sure his prescription rec specs are functioning properly did his or her job. Good job, goggle grappler.

Feel free to point out the bright spots in surely missing in the comments below. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!