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How Georgia Met The Keys To A Win (Spoiler Alert: It Didn’t)

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Saturday was bad and the worst showing for this team since 2016 at Ole Miss.

At the end of the day, all that can be done is to move on and learn from it.

“It must never, ever happen again”

Limit mistakes and turnovers

When you play in a place like LSU, the littlest miscue can be red meat to a rabid wild animal. One penalty in an inopportune time can kill a drive or extinguish a defense stop. A turnover, especially early, gives LSU momentum, making it beyond difficult for an opposing team. Simply put - Georgia has to somehow put a halt to its recent dumb penalties.

Just take a look at Jake Fromm for this one. Between turnovers, poorly thrown passes, or missed reads, Fromm’s inability to make throws in various settings stunted any momentum that Georgia tried to build. There was the miss-timed swing pass to D’Andre Swift in the first half...something that was a staple last year that multiple times this season Georgia for some reason can’t click on. The flea-flicker - great call, and if Fromm throws it closer inbounds, it’s an easy score.

You can’t talk about mistakes against LSU without mentioning the coaching staff. Plainly, between outcoaching itself (such as running a fake field goal to someone whose legs are used to kick field goals and not run with the ball) or abandoning the run after it got drives downfield, it did not have this team ready to play.

Pressure Burrow

Georgia’s defensive front, even if it is a bit depleted, needs to continue what it did last week against Vandy and pressure the quarterback. While the pressures may not have resulted in many sacks, it did force incompletions, slowing the offense to a crawl.

Florida last week showed that if you can disrupt Joe Burrow and take away his ability to make plays outside the pocket, you can stop the Tigers.

It was a good start with D’Andre Walker’s early sack and Robert Beal was a silver lining. Otherwise, it was flashbacks to making Tyler Bray look like a player from the 1972 Dolphins. Even with a depleted depth along the front four, there is no reason for this defensive front not to be able to get to and pressure the quarterback. That need was not met on Saturday.

Stay Focused Up Front

In truth, there could not be a worse place to take a battered offensive line that’s battling Dr. Time as it tries to quickly build chemistry among veterans and players rushed into action. Against LSU’s aggressive defensive front, things will go wrong - missed assignments will happen and sacks will be given up.

The cruel irony on Saturday is that by and large, the offensive line played its best game of the year. Sure, there were a few breakdowns. But considering the front it was going against the offensive line did its job to give Fromm time - an opportunity that was not taken advantage of. It even did enough the help Holyfield to punishing LSU on the ground, before the offensive gameplan abandoned something that work.

Until next time...

Go Dawgs!