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Third Quarter Open Thread

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Your Georgia Bulldogs embarrassed themselves repeatedly in the first half of this one, with terrible execution the likes of which we probably haven’t seen since the Ole miss game in September 2016. It was unacceptable at this point in the program’s development, and disappointing in almost every respect.

Now it’s time to put it behind us and go win the football game.

Just about everything that could go wrong in the first half of this one did. Jake Fromm played quite literally the worst half of football I’ve seen out of him, and I’ve been watching him almost weekly since he was a sophomore in high school. Tyson Campbell has been picked on mercilessly and didn’t help himself with a brain sprain that led to a big pass play. The playcalling from Jim Chaney has been inconsistent, likely owing to the fact that he knows with about as much certainty as you or I which of his players will blow an assignment next. And while the Athenians have played solid defense 94% of the time, the other 6% has consisted of missed tackles that destroyed any momentum.

Add in an LSU team which has executed extremely well ( no turnovers and 3 of 3 on fourth down, including one from inside their own thirty that only a fool or a gravelly-voiced Cajun would have even attempted) and you have the recipe for a 16-0 deficit.

The Red and Black will get the ball to start the third quarter and will have to play an entirely different brand of football in the second half to get back in this one. If there’s any solace to be taken here it’s that the ‘Dawgs have been a great second half team. There’s also the fact that there’s only so much pixie dust that Ed Orgeron can pull out of his bag of tricks, and only so accurate Joe Burrow can be. This one hasn’t slipped away, but Georgia needs to do a lot of things right and needs LSU to do a few things wrong to right the ship.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!