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First Quarter Open Thread: Time to put the cards on the table.

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Middle Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The prevailing wisdom is that Georgia’s football season really begins in earnest in today’s clash with LSU. If that is the case, then today is also the day when all excuses regarding what Georgia able to do and willing to show go out the window as well.

No longer is there any excuse for bringing players along slowly, or leaving anything in the playbook. There’s no reason to doubt anyone’s motivation, or to think that there is anything in the tank that’s not being put on display. Now is the time.

If you’re the Red and Black now is when you prove that you are a national championship contender despite the losses from 2017, Or confirm that you remain a year away from being back in the title conversation.

Let’s show them what we got.

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!