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Season 3 Volume 7: LSU

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NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


I won’t belabor an extensive intro this week. It’s put up or shut up time for the Dawgs as we enter a 4 week stretch against ranked opponents. While I feel like I know almost nothing about how Georgia will respond when backed against the wall in a big game (thanks South Carolina), I am confident in the talent and mentality foundation we are built on thanks to Coach Smart. I am ready to learn about 2018 Georgia, and I think I am going to like what I see.

Positional Advantage vs LSU

Quarterback vs Quarterback

· The combination of Jake Fromm and Justin Fields gives Georgia the strong advantage over LSU’s Joe Burrow. Burrow has been good on the ground and decent through the air. However, Fromm has been extremely efficient and puts Georgia’s offense in the right play more often than not. Fields is icing on the cake, very very valuable icing. Advantage: Georgia

Georgia Offensive Line vs LSU Defensive Line

· LSU has a very solid defensive line, although maybe not as talented as we are accustomed to. Georgia’s offensive line is young, talented and deep. Not worried about Andrew Thomas when it comes to pass rush but Isiah Wilson could be challenged. In the end, depth and raw talent win out. Advantage: Georgia

Georgia Running Backs vs LSU Linebackers

· Devin White is the best linebacker in the country and could be drafted as high as #3 overall. He is a thicker Roquan Smith. He will be a menace in both run and pass defense the entire game. As good as Swift, Holyfield, Herrien and Cook are, White is better. This is obviously not to say that Georgia’s run game won’t have success, but White will have to be accounted for on every single play. For that reason, Advantage: LSU

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Wide Receivers vs LSU Secondary

· Dang, this matchup is just a bunch of good players vs another bunch of good players. Greedy Williams is the second best corner in college football. Grant Delpit is a physical and rangy beast. I’ve loved his play all season, especially against Auburn. But this will be the most physical and dynamic receiving core the Tigers have faced. Combo of Mecole and Ridley are experienced and can do every single thing you need them to do. When Terry Godwin, Jeremiah Holloman, Tyler Simmons and the entire TE core are your depth, you are in good shape against any secondary. Advantage: Georgia

Georgia Defensive Line vs LSU Offensive Line

· The LSU offensive Line is good not great. I would say the same of Georgia’s defensive line so far this year. The David Marshall injury is a huge one as he was coming on in the past few weeks. Tyler Clark needs a big game to push this over the edge for Georgia. If Jordan Davis and Julian Rochester are able to provide solid depth, the Dawgs will hold their own in the run game. Advantage: Georgia

Georgia Linebackers vs LSU Running Backs

Georgia does not have a dominating, alpha inside linebacker and LSU does not have an alpha in the backfield. Nick Brossette is a solid SEC back just as Natrez Patrick, Monty Rice and Juwuan Taylor are solid inside linebackers, but the game won’t be won or lost on the backs of these players. D’andre Walker’s knack for knocking the ball out pushes Georgia ahead here. If he forces a fumble Saturday, Georgia wins without question. Advantage: Georgia

Georgia Secondary vs LSU Receivers

JR Reed and D’andre Baker will not be fazed by a big game in an opposing stadium. The Georgia secondary will need to play extremely physical in the run game and make LSU prove they can beat them over the top. This unit is the one I have the most confidence in for a big game Saturday. Advantage: Georgia

I know all you mathematicians have counted up the “Advantage: Georgia”’s and are ready to celebrate. Hold your horses; this is a top 15 matchup in Death Valley. Given LSU’s raw talent and the environment on Saturday, this is likely to be Georgia’s toughest matchup of the regular season. One area I think Georgia has a huge advantage: Coaching. Georgia’s halftime adjustments have been absolutely terrific since Kirby took over. Match that with Ed Orgeron and a consistently rocky situation at offensive coordinator for LSU and Georgia may have as much as a 7 point advantage strictly through coaching (IMO). However, as is normally the case in college football, the players do most of the talking and I think the Dawgs will speak loud and clear this weekend. Georgia solidifies itself as the #2 team in the country and starts a roll through the rest of the SEC. Dawgs 31 LSU 17

Need more playing time

· D’andre Swift- feels weird to say this about a starter but it is true. Swift looked FULL SPEED for the first time all season against Vandy. He is a game breaker that can go 70 yards any time he touches the ball. If he is 100%, he needs more snaps to possibly house it.

· Justin Fields- I have been ultra-impressed by Fields. He still has a ways to go with the playbook and could use some improvement in ball security but he can do so many things physically that most people in the country cant. Situations where I hope to see more of Fields

o 3rd and 1: Cam Newton wasn’t stopped on 3rd and 1 and Fields won’t be either. QB Sneak, Read Option, Speed option, I don’t care. Give him the ball and he will fall forward for at least 2.5 yards

o Redzone: so many extra plays for a defense to prepare for inside 20 yards

o Need a Spark: as he gets more comfortable in the offense he will get more opportunities to boost the offense should it stagnate. He can fling a deep ball and scramble out of broken plays. Dynamic player. I think Georgia has been saving something special with Fields against LSU

· Tae Crowder: Crowder was excellent in pass coverage and aggressive in pressure. If he can defeat blocks and be physical in the run game, he will become a more complete 3 down linebacker. Until then, he will provide fresh minutes behind more established players

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

· Jordan Davis: Davis got the majority of his playing time on one drive and made 3 consecutive tackles. He is probably the largest defensive lineman Georgia has and with the unit banged up and inconsistent, a second half surge from a big freshman could be one of the best things for this team. I am hoping he solidifies himself as a consistent rotation player starting in the LSU game

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Woof. Tough week. I think the downslide was spread across most of college football as the Bear went 0-3 (professional slappy). Season is still yielding good results and this week will help.

Last Week: 1-4

This Season: 17-13-1, 57% win percentage

Overall: 77-69-3, 53% Win Percentage