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Three Things Georgia Has To Do To Beat LSU

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been building up slowly, cresting into a tidal wave.

Saturday’s the barometer of how good Georgia is will be laid out in full force.

The blunt truth, despite the buildup to the South Carolina game, is that this team has not, in any stretch, been challenged. That changes starting with the road swing to LSU.

While a loss won’t be the end of SEC East hopes or bigger aspirations, losing is not something that anyone within the program would have an interest in. Win, and it’s another step on the road. Lose, and the narrative of this team, from the outside, at least, is that the leaders from last year left too much of a void, and that like Auburn last year, its kryptonite is rabid opposing stadiums.

Here’s three keys to a Georgia win over LSU.

Limit mistakes and turnovers

When you play in a place like LSU, the littlest miscue can be red meat to a rabid wild animal. One penalty in an inopportune time can kill a drive or extinguish a defense stop. A turnover, especially early, gives LSU momentum, making it beyond difficult for an opposing team. Simply put - Georgia has to somehow put a halt to its recent dumb penalties.

Pressure Burrow

Georgia’s defensive front, even if it is a bit depleted, needs to continue what it did last week against Vandy and pressure the quarterback. While the pressures may not have resulted in many sacks, it did force incompletions, slowing the offense to a crawl.

Florida last week showed that if you can disrupt Joe Burrow and take away his ability to make plays outside the pocket, you can stop the Tigers.

Stay Focused Up Front

In truth, there could not be a worse place to take a battered offensive line that’s battling Dr. Time as it tries to quickly build chemistry among veterans and players rushed into action. Against LSU’s aggressive defensive front, things will go wrong - missed assignments will happen and sacks will be given up.

How the offensive line meets those challenges may very well define the season going forward for Georgia.

Go Dawgs!

don’t get rattled