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Friday Morning Dawg Bites is Coming Back Again

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Vooooodooooo... voodoo... vooooodooooo... voodoo...

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It’s another Friday here at Dawg Sports and that means I get free reign to continue torturing you with some of the most addictively awful 90s earworms that hold court in my steel-trap brain. Given the spooky time of year (which I am thoroughly enjoying), our opponent Saturday afternoon, and the mystique surrounding their stadium and the strange things that sometimes happen there, there was really only one choice:

(Warning: This video contains a handful of shots of a mildly NSFW, scantily-clad goth girl/voodoo priestess who is probably like an investment banker or something now. The objectification really just adds to the cringe, but you’ve been warned.)

Now, on to your Friday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • Let’s start things off with staff picks for this weekend’s biggest games from The Red and Black. Huh? Hebert picked LSU? Hold on a second... Hebert... that name sounds awfully Cajun to me. Alert! Alert! The Red and Black has been infiltrated by a Bayou sleeper agent! Just kidding, Michael. Say hi to your brother T-Bob for me.
  • Speaking of The Red and Black, they have an excellent profile of Andrew Thomas up. I genuinely enjoy their coverage, so I’ll let the obvious biblical pun slide.
  • DawgNation points out that Georgia is an incredibly young team heading into Death Valley. But the most salient point is that that youth can no longer be a going concern, as we’ve reached the point in the season where you can’t really call first year players that have been playing all year “inexperienced”.
  • If you need a quick brush-up on the recent history between Georgia and LSU, DawgsOnline has you covered with a solid recap of the series since 1990.
  • CBS has some fun with numbers (which I find to be somewhat dubious). If I was doing simulations of the games in NCAA Football from EA Sports, I might buy it. But actual football doesn’t work that way and I think Georgia has a much better than 1 in 5 chance of beating LSU, Florida, Kentucky, and Auburn. Time will tell, but if they do drop a game or two, it won’t be due to projections.
  • If you’re heading to Tiger Stadium, here is some info about how you can get yourself a beverage once you’re inside.
  • If you missed it, Lady Dawgs basketball coach, Joni Taylor has been extended an additional three years on her contract (which now runs through 2024).
  • Finally, if you need to get your workout on this morning:

That’s all for now, folks. Until later...