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Cocktail Thursday: LSU Edition

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Are your Georgia Bulldogs headed to play in a place known as “Death Valley” against a top 20 team coached by a man who speaks a language only he understands? You could probably use a drink. Allow me to help.

College football is a strange business, and that’s just on the surface. Dig down into the statistical minutiae and it gets plum weird. Exhibit A: the 2018 Georgia Bulldog defense—-

Georgia has been bending and bending and bending this season. the ‘Dawgs rarely create a sack. They’re getting tackles behind the line of scrimmage less frequently than the average college football team. Yet they lead the SEC in total defense, surrendering 282.3 yards per game. And they’re second in scoring defense, surrendering a stingy 13.0 points per game. Most peculiar, mama.

I could make the argument that Georgia has amassed those stats against the likes of Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee State. Or at least I could have when those schools were the main sample constituents. Six games in however Georgia has now also played the Missouri team that ranks third in the SEC in total offense, a South Carolina squad that ranks seventh, and a Vandy team that slides in at #8. In fact the Red and Black have held every conference opponent they’ve faced more than 10 points below their season average.

These kids may, in fact, be alright. And if there’s a stat that should give you some confidence going into the Classic City Canines’ tilt with the Bayou Bengals, it’s probably that LSU is currently 9th in the SEC in total offense and 7th in scoring offense. Joe Burrow is no Drew Lock. He’s not even Kyle Shurmur.

Georgia on the other hand has seven offensive players with over 200 combined rushing/receiving yards in 2018. The Athenians have 13 rushing plays of 20+ yards and 12 passing plays of 25+. In short, the Georgia defense forces you to string together play after play, efficiently moving 75 yards down the field on every scoring drive. The Georgia offense on the other hand tends to take the express lane.

If Georgia has an advantage in this game, it’s that LSU’s very good defense only really needs to give up 3 or 4 big plays to give this one away. The Georgia defense on the other hand is likely to fiddle faddle around for long stretches giving Joe Burrow and the LSU offense the chance to get in its own way, at which they’ve been quite good at times this season.

So what’s the drink for the game in which a turbo-charged ‘Dawg offense may just be too much for the Louisianans?

Abita Turbodog. Brewed proudly in Abita Springs, Louisiana, Turbodog was actually the very first Cocktail Thursday selection at my old blogger site back in 2006. It’s just as good now. Turbodog’s caramel and chocolate malt flavor with just enough hops to add some character goes with basically any meal. It’s substantial enough to sip and savor slowly, but not so heavy you feel like it’s a meal-replacement shake. I’m not saying it’s the perfect beer to turbocharge your tailgate. But I’d give my boudin balls to know what a better choice would be. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!