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Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

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Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The University of Georgia Bulldogs will face the Louisiana State University Tigers Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm ET on CBS TV. You may already be aware of this event. You may also be aware that we don’t face LSU on a normal basis. And we won’t face them again for a while (excepting possible SEC Championship Games - of which I hope there are many). So while including a tangentially-related music selection this week, but departing from my modus operandi 1980’s selections (‘cuz I’m old, and RedCrake is not), I decided to pull from relatively recent archives for a personal favorite. We’ve faced LSU a few times recently, but not in the last couple of years. Kinda like an ex, they’re somebody that we used to know:

Now onto the news and notes of the Georgia Bulldogs:

In case you didn’t now, Bulldogs travel. A case might be made that we’re traveling better than in years past thanks to recent success. Another case might be made that the State of Georgia has an increasing GDP compared to surrounding states. Just because it seems unlikely doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (thank you Vincent Vega). I will say it is interesting dynamics and economic forces at work.

Did you think Demetris Robertson has disappeared from the UGA offense? No, I didn’t either (full disclosure: as a casual fan, watching on TV live, yes, yes I did). Well head ball coach Kirby Smart says no, no he hasn’t. Apparently timing is important.

I hate to keep linking to the same site, but darn it all, there be some good nuggets in there, aaarrrgghh. So, here’s talk with a Tiger beat writer (I really wanted to type “Tiger Beat”). Not bad insight into the team, the temp, and the totality.

The bad news is that the d-line is down a few players. The good news is the emergence of young players. Something smells fishy about Hawkins Muckle (OpEd only).

I’ve seen practice reports, and then I’ve seen practice reports. I haven’t dug deeper, but again hats off to the good people at the Red & Black for making something of nothing.

Speaking of something from nothing, the Macon Telegraph published a story about the betting line. Click only if you’re dying for content.

Warning!!! Gary Danielson content!!! But it’s short, doesn’t hurt, and is a slightly different take on the UGA QB situation.

That’s all for now. I’ve stayed off the Twitter as I’ve organized support for my parents in middle Georgia while making sure my ownself in eastern NC can withstand whatever Hurricane Michael has in store. I hope you’re reading this, which means you’re safe and have power. Help those who can’t help themselves, and as always...