Gymdogs: Upward trend or too soon to tell?

So I finally got a chance to see our Gymdogs on TV today. I should say I don't know a ton about gymnastics, but I've been really missing some of the conversation and I haven't found another outlet.

Apparently we really bombed against Alabama (194.545). I didn't see it, but the scores are pretty ridiculously low for us. However, we bounced back just a couple days later against Oklahoma. Oklahoma is ranked number one so I guess losing to them isn't terrible. Our score was respectable and a huge improvement at 196.600.

Today was not perfect by any means, but still an improvement At 196.725. The floor routines were beautiful and awesome and exciting. Also it was refreshing to see confidence on the beam. I don't know what is going on on the bars because I missed that rotation. It seems to be a weakness this year.

Can anyone explain to me the depth issues and if we can overcome them? Should expectations be high this year with rookie coach Kupet-Carter? How much hope should I hold in my heart?

Thanks for any contributions. Just wanting to hear from some more knowledgeable Gymdog fans.

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