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Tuesday Morning “Rose Bowl Champion” Dawg Bites

Shiny, happy people laughing...

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Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


During the course of last night’s Rose Bowl game, I cried. I cried a few times and I couldn’t catch my breath and I thought I just might die of happiness. My wife was genuinely concerned. I don’t generally cry. The last time I cried was (I think) 1998... when, I can only assume, some girl broke up with the high school version of me that I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t break up with now. So anyway... I don’t cry much. But as I sat there with the tears streaming down my face... blubbering like a damn idiot... I thought to myself: “It was all worth it.” And it was. Every last bit of the last 18 years of frustration and anxiety (I know for many of you it’s been much longer) has led to this. It’s glorious. And that’s really all I have to say about that...

So without further ado, your Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • I now have two requests when I die. At my funeral...
  1. Please play “Find The River” by R.E.M. — this is a long running request that is included in my wishes for just such an occasion.
  2. As it plays, please run the following video on a loop — this is a new addition which will soon be included.

Beyond the above... you know what... I may have had a bit too much to drink (as I write this at 1 A.M.) and it’s really hard to find unique and interesting news tidbits when your team has just won the Rose Bowl and punched it’s ticket to play for a National Championship, so I’m just gonna give you

I mean, honestly, what other news were you expecting?

Your Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide next Monday (January 8, 2018) for College Football’s National Championship. To that I’d just like to point out, the Revenge Tour rolls on...

Until later...