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That Was About The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

We got off to a slow start and, at times, couldn’t get out of our own way. But we just shut out Tennessee 41-0 and we are every bit of 41-points better than they are.

I was in Athens in 1981 when we shut ‘em out 44-0. This was much, much sweeter. Why?

  • Because of the tasteless banners that fraternity row hung up essentially celebrating Nick Chubb’s injury. Karma is a thing. And your program is in a smokin’ hole again. Celebrate that.
  • Because Tennessee had something like a 289 game streak of not being shut out. I’m too drunk to know who did it to ‘em last, but I don’t care. You just got your asses shut out.
  • Because Memes and catch phrases are the ultimate form of fake juice. Life Bricks and everything.
  • Because I still can’t stand Phil Fulmer.
  • Because the only thing that orange looks good on is actually an orange.
  • Because your mascot has ticks.
  • Because of last year’s game when the actions of a single player on our side set up your last play and we’ve had to live with that for 365 days. That doesn’t bother me as much now.
  • I could go on. We’re gonna whip your ass next year, too.

Consider this your open celebratory thread for the rest of the evening.

Nick Chubb had 16 carries for 109 yards and about a 7 ypc average. It would have been nice if he had scored, but he didn’t need to. The whole team had his back. Sony Michel, I love you, man. Jazz hands all the way to the NFL, my friend. American Heritage’s finest!

Jake Fromm played like a freshman for a good part of the first half. Then, he played like The Man the rest of the way. I just don’t see how he doesn’t take us the rest of the way.

Tyrique McGee, have yourself a ball game. J.R. Reed? What’s your address? I want to put you in my Last Will and Testament.

The defense...too many to name...were just incredible. These guys are NASTY.

We can nit-pick later. It’s time to celebrate.

Kirby’s Junkyard Dawgs. They’ll hit ya’, they’ll knock ya’, they’ll haul right off and sock ‘ya...Kirby’s Junkyard Dawgs.

41-0. Pure. Bliss.